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Sunday, November 9, 2008

An Autumn's Tale

Only one word for it, AWESOME!


This not so much of a review but rather a note to self why this film is good. The acting were good, I can't give it perfect 10, but it's damn close. It's a love story but some how this old film is so refreshing compare to all the other love stories. It's a great example how two good people who are very different and not attracted to each other initially fall in love through natural kindness toward each other and personal growth.

The characters are very well developed. There's no feeling of stretching or rushing to the "point." One of the most moving moment is the exchange of the watch and bracelet. The symbolism of this gesture is quite extraordinary. We know Figgy was giving her the bracelet, but she giving him the watch was so well hidden in the plot and evade our mind until it's the right moment for the story. I was certainly too occupied by the emotional good-bye between the lovers to even wonder what she gave him till he stopped chasing the car and open the box.

Why do I think this symbolism is so good? To him, the bracelet is everything he had, all his money, his car, everything, and when he gave her everything he has, it tells us that she means everything to him. For her, the watch was a family heirloom, it's very valuable and it's probably THE most valuable item she possesses. This tells us how much he means to her. And then the watch and bracelet themselves, which is perfect for each other but now are separate. One can not help but feel sympathy for them. But it's natural to ask, if they love each other so much, why aren't they together? We know quite clear that he loves her and he showed it, hinted it, but he never said it. She is however, not completely certain of her future and their future as even though he's a good person, he also has his flaws. Had she stayed with him, he might never change and even though they love each other, they may never be happy together. Her thoughts were clearly spelled out in one scene where she was writing her diary.

The only thing I wished to be done differently is the ending. Because before that the story was a solid 10. The ending should give us a hint of how long it has been since they separated, was it a few months? A year? Two years? As Jen was walking with the girl on the beach, through their conversation, we should be given a hint of how long it has passed since she moved in with them. When Jen and Figgy sees each other at the end, it's both good and also not so good. The good part is they didn't simply rush toward each other and they didn't say much. I think it's really that "Table for two?" broke the romance in that. What I think would be a better ending is either cut right before he says "table for two" or she simply slowly walk toward him and they both turn toward the resturant and walk toward it together, they might be talking to each other to catch up what happened all this time they were separated from each other but we can't hear anything they say. It'll be a bit more satisfying.

Anyway, a great movie and has become one of my favorites.

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