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Saturday, December 29, 2007


OK, WTF? First episode into 24 season 3 and now Kim is working at CTU?! I hope there's less Q.Qing in this season, because I CAN'T STAND IT ANYMORE.

It's a joke to see Kim pretending to be serious and work like an adult, she can barely sit up on the chair without sinking into it. I mean, this kid failed her algebra tests, pretty much don't go to school, probably doesn't even have a college degree, and now she's playing with top secret government intelligence. I don't know if I like this idea. I have doubts on her capability to handle the job, gee, I certainly hope there's no one like her in the real gov. agencies.

I'm sorry it seems I'm always picking on her, but she's the most annoying character on the show.

Friday, December 28, 2007


FUUUUUUCK, I have to start to skip every scene Kim Bauer is in, she's so annoying.


I just got this idea that Kim Bauer can be a pretty good jailbait.

24 Season 2 Episode 6

I was ROFL when Kim's boyfriend catch up with Kim and the kid, and beat up the kid's dad in front of her. The kid is clearly confused looking at her daddy knocked to the ground by some stranger who supposedly trying to "protect" her. Look at all the violence, this child is scared for life. Thanks Kim.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Characters in 24

Jack Bauer - As the protagonist, there's surprisingly little to say about this guy, a well developed character, he's very much like many other heroes in this type of action/drama stories. Not many surprises.

Kim Bauer - The more you know about her, the lesser attractive she is, despite her double-D boobs.

Teri Bauer - It's good that she died at the end of season 1. I don't know how long I can endure her in addition to her daughter.

Tony Almeida -This guy looked like a stalker at first, but I start to like this character as the story develops.

David Palmer - Very likable character, strong personality with principles, level-headed, definitely presidential material. But it's hard to believe that he could divorce Sherry and still can get elected in this country, I don't care if you are George Washington or Benjamen Franklin, if you don't have a wife, you can't go to the White House.

Sherry Palmer - It's hard to find another woman evil like this one, maybe Nina Myers is close, but Sherry is worse in the sense that she seriously thinks that she's doing the right thing.

Women in 24

Is it just me or did anyone notice that all the women in 24 are one or more of the following:
  • incompetent
  • paranoid
  • insecure
  • selfish
  • weak
  • naive
We all know the truth that this is not representative of women in real life. None (0, nada) of the women in this show are strong, confident, independent, intelligent with some common sense. This is what this movie's lacking, a strong female supporting character for Jack. Jack is fun to watch but it can get tiring when we relying on him on everything to save everyone else. If there were a female character with similar quality but contrasting personality in the show it'd make this much more enjoyable to watch.

24 Season 2 Episode 3

Bad plot points:
  • when you are running away for your life, do you hesitate to knock a car away to get out of the situation?
  • when you are being chased, do you run away from public places where people are around or run to a dumpster where no one is around?
  • when you risk your life going to undercover, your teammates didn't even prepare necessary background information before sending you in knowing that it will be checked for...I certainly hope the *real* government agencies aren't as careless as these people.
Three episodes into season 2, I'm convinced that Kim should get cut out of the plot entirely. She's a token blond that serves no purpose to the story at this point. First season she has some role in the story, but in season 2, she's just annoying.

The whole wedding sisters drama is painful to watch...

Claire Bennet vs. Kim Bauer 2

So I happen to miss the first episode of 24 season 1, instead I mistaken and watched the first episode of season 2 without knowing it. No wonder I thought the beginning were disconnected and weird. Anyway, I just watched episode 1 of season 1. And damn, Claire was annoying and dumb but Kim is more dangerous. Kim is easy, pathetic, and has personal (mental) issues, must came from her family (or more specifically the worst combinations of traits of her parents).

After watching episode one I feel Kim has came out ahead on my contempt meter.

Claire Bennet vs. Kim Bauer

So after watching season 1 of both Heroes and 24, I'm trying to decide which one of these girls are more annoying. Right now Claire Bennet is taking the lead. Let's see if Kim will change my mind in the future.


I'm busy watching 24 season 1, trying to catch up. I'll come back later!