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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Handsome, Wealthy, Single, and Looking?

It appears that if you are a guy living in the west coast you are out of luck (see map below). Basically if you are over 25 and isn't in a relationship, there's something wrong with you (including yours truly). Why? There's probably never been a point in history where men and women can misunderstand each other in such a profound way. To many, it appears that love is no longer simple.

At Nola's, one of Danette Austin's friends, Katie (who wanted only her first name used), decided to test her theory that men just want to brag about how much they make. She pointed to a clean-cut, well-pressed young man of about her age, 26.

''Just watch,'' she said. ''I'm going over to that guy and in five minutes I'll tell you what he makes.''

Five minutes later, she was back. ''A hundred thou,'' she said with a shrug. ''In sales. He said he'll do a lot better next year.''

She didn't hear what the gentleman, Bob Cruz of San Jose, said about her afterward. ''A pure gold digger,'' Mr. Cruz summed up. ''Just like most of them.''
I find this very ironic and sad.

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