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Thursday, December 27, 2007

24 Season 2 Episode 3

Bad plot points:
  • when you are running away for your life, do you hesitate to knock a car away to get out of the situation?
  • when you are being chased, do you run away from public places where people are around or run to a dumpster where no one is around?
  • when you risk your life going to undercover, your teammates didn't even prepare necessary background information before sending you in knowing that it will be checked for...I certainly hope the *real* government agencies aren't as careless as these people.
Three episodes into season 2, I'm convinced that Kim should get cut out of the plot entirely. She's a token blond that serves no purpose to the story at this point. First season she has some role in the story, but in season 2, she's just annoying.

The whole wedding sisters drama is painful to watch...

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